Who We Are

Kate Aseron, CPM

Kate is the mother of two wonderful boys. Her first son born in 1998, and she went into the birth believing that if she took a childbirth education class, hired a doula, and wrote a birth plan, she could have a natural birth in a large teaching hospital. Instead, after the birth she struggled to figure out how her experience had included every intervention except for a cesarean section. She felt she and her baby both had been harmed, physically and emotionally, by this unnecessary experience. She was introduced to a midwife and began the process of learning about birth. In the autumn of 1998 she began attending midwifery classes at The Art of Midwifery School in Media, PA with Joanne Dozor, CPM, and completed the 3-year program in 2001.
In 2000, her second son was born at home into the hands of her teacher, Joanne. The difference between the management of her pregnancies and births cemented her calling to provide home-based midwifery care to other families. She attended births with midwives in the area, gaining hands on experience and increasing her skills. In 2003, she began practicing independently at the urging of her three preceptors and opened the Rising Moon office.
Over the years, she has participated in training many local midwives, doulas, and birth assistants. Those selected to work with Rising Moon clients have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill, intuitive understanding of birthing women and babies, as well as a belief in the Rising Moon philosophy. Assistants are matched to each mother according to the mother’s history, personality, and geography. All of the midwifery assistants are very excited to participate in the Rising Moon tradition of providing the kind of care to families they themselves would appreciate if they were the clients.

Tyler Wilson, CPM

Tyler began working with Rising Moon in 2012 while also working as an RN at a birth center. Her own birth stories shaped the type of care that she wanted to give, so it only made sense for her to move on and become full-time with RM in 2014. Her second baby was at home with Kate in 2007. Tyler has seen what birth looks like in every setting as a mother and as a care-giver. It is truly a privilege for her to provide families with the personalized care they deserve and that she would choose for herself.
Tyler has a diverse clinical background in nursing – pediatric & geriatric home care, hospice and birth center. She is a trained birth and postpartum doula. She completed the Midwife Assistant training with the Midwives at The Farm in Tennessee and teaches Infant Massage Classes. She earned her CPM in 2016.

CPM - Certified Professional Midwife