Our Philosophy

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Birth is not a medical event. Women possess instinctual, ancient knowledge regarding the birth and care of their baby. When pregnancy and birth are treated holistically, women can build confidence to birth and mother naturally. Birthing families should be treated respectfully and with individual care plans tailored to each unique situation.

We believe the safest and most satisfying midwifery care involves a partnership between the birthing family and midwife. Time is utilized during prenatal visits to develop a relationship based on trust and caring. A close relationship is essential in midwifery care to provide the mother with personal education, nutritional information and emotional support. Each family takes responsibility to actively nurture the growing baby. Your midwives will offer complete, informed choice every step of the way. Midwives are skilled in the application of various healing modalities as they relate to pregnancy and birth (homeopathy, herbs, etc.) and are trained to employ the least amount of intervention possible allowing the natural process of birth to unfold.

Midwives are thoroughly trained to monitor the physical, psychological, and social well-being of the mother throughout the childbearing cycle. It is well documented that application of the woman-centered model of care has been proven to reduce incidents of birth injury, trauma, and technological interventions including cesarean surgery. Midwives follow the MANA Core Competencies for Basic Midwifery Practice. Rising Moon Midwives regularly participate in a local peer review process, allowing area midwives to evaluate each other's guidelines and transports.

Additionally birth with a midwife in attendance is supported with continuous hands-on assistance during active labor and birth. As with your birth, early postpartum care will happen in the comfort of your own home. You have the advantage of knowing exactly who will attend you throughout this momentous event.

Rising Moon Moms Groups

Moms Group

Rising Moon Moms Group meets at Kate's house, 4 Springwood Lane, Chester Springs, PA 19425.

Meetings start at 11:30am and end at 2:30pm. Come with questions, concerns and stories for a relaxing midday meeting. Bring lunch or pack something to share. Children are welcome! Meetings are for mothers who are already part of the Rising Moon community or those who wish to learn more about homebirth or Rising Moon Midwifery. If you are not a current client, prior to coming please contact Kate via email.


Why the name Rising Moon?

Full Moon

We chose the name Rising Moon because of the strong ties the moon has with women, fertility, conception and birthing throughout the ages. The rising moon each night resembles the belly of a pregnant mom as it takes shape and ripens to fullness in preparation of birth. The rising moon also changes each night, and represents, for us, the transformation that takes place in all of us as we journey forward, waning and waxing, moving through life.
For thousands of years, the moon has been associated with the feminine principle. Ancient cultures connected women's monthly cycles to the moon, and even created goddesses in honor of the moon. The fact that the moon goes through phases each month has long been seen as symbolic of the phases a woman goes through each month in preparation of her cycle or "moontime". On a larger scale these phases have often been likened to the stages a woman also travels throughout her life, such as maiden, mother, and wise woman. Many people still identify the time and energy between the waxing moon (represented by the maiden icon), and the full moon (represented by the mother icon), as a time for growth, development and strengthening towards a creative end. With the passing of each moon a pregnant mother and unborn child go through a myriad of changes in growth, development and strengthening on all levels that will lead them to the culmination of their journey: the rising moon equaling birth and motherhood. Equaling, in essence, a new life.
Here at Rising Moon our goal is to support a woman physically, emotionally and mentally during her transformational journey toward motherhood.
"Ten lunar months to a new life, a new beginning, your rising moon."