Kate’s team is in a word fantastic. I’ve had traditional OB care for a pregnancy, and midwifery care for subsequent pregnancies. And I received superior care from Kate and her team. My husband very insightfully remarked that in the hospital, they tried to fix problems that didn’t exist. With Kate and her team, they understand how a woman’s body naturally works through the labor process, and only intervened when there was a need. I value the personal and ongoing relationship I have with Kate and her team. They are there for the duration of pregnancy, and foster a community that is there for the duration of childhood.
— Jane
Kate has a steady, calm demeanor which she brings to births. She is the guide by your side and trusts a woman’s body – even in VBAC situations. Tyler is gentle and nurturing. She is the soft voice that reminds you that you can birth your baby. Their combined knowledge and dedication made both of my experiences with them a beautiful display of what birth can be.
— Lacy (Doula)
We will forever be grateful for Rising Moon Midwifery. Kate and her team hold a wealth of knowledge and experience that made us feel so comfortable and confident throughout the entire pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. Personalized care and an investment into each individual is what really sets them apart from traditional OB practices. We cannot wait to have another baby with the ladies at Rising Moon Midwifery.
— Lyndsey
Estelle, born 2010
Even at 18 months I find myself marveling at the amazement of my son. During these moments, I am still flooded with thoughts and feelings about his journey into this Earth.

I began my early prenatal care in a hospital setting while I frantically searched for a birthing center or a local midwife to continue with and to deliver my baby. Even after my original consultation with Rising Moon—I went back—I went back to a hospital birth mostly because of the cost of having a midwife. I knew I wanted Rising Moon’s care and the assurance that (God willing) my body would control labor; and ultimately, that ‘want’ became a necessity—no matter the cost. You know how they say everything happens for a reason? Making the switch to birthing at home with Rising Moon was one of the best decision I have ever made. Birthing a shoulder dystocia, 9 lbs. 12 oz baby is no quaint feat (and probably would have ended much differently anywhere else), but my midwives wisely assisted my body in doing so. It was the most empowering moment of my life—it is the moment I desired all along.

Rising Moon Midwifery is the only establishment in the area with two Certified Professional Midwives. Each one brings a different dynamic and the utmost compassion from prenatal to post-partum care. I’m proud to wear my Rising Moon badge—not only on a deeply personal level but because the support stretches beyond having a baby; I am a part of an amazing family.
— Alexa
You are so loved and celebrated by so many families for the beautiful care you bring and the wise and joyful person you are. We are so blessed to know you as a ... skilled midwife - thank you for journeying with us and supporting us through the pregnancy and birth of Estelle. Big, big love.
— Mariko
Kate’s knowledge and intuition were astounding to me. She had a way of putting my fears at ease and giving me the confidence I needed to deliver each of my 3 children. She and her team are phenomenal and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Lauren
Kate & Tyler,
You two ladies have been on my mind and heart, so I wanted to write to you just to let you know how truly thankful I am that the Lord placed you both in my life. I thank God for each of you all the time - that you both took such good care of me through my pregnancy & especially during Beckham’s birth (as Clover [their dog] was peeing all over everything, he he). I wish we were still in Philly so I could see you ladies more & you could see Beck. He is such a joy!
— Morgan
I’m so glad that with Kate’s experience she can handle pregnancies that can be considered high risk to some. I called her almost in tears after some factors came up, I was thinking I would have to transfer out of her amazing care. It turns out my pregnancy was something she could handle.
— Theresa
In the past 8-9 months we have gotten to know each other, we have enjoyed your wisdom, appreciated your understanding and the knowledge you have imparted to us. It is funny where life’s journey takes you and the people that one encounters on this journey. We were so thrilled to discover your close proximity and the services you rendered were all in alignment for the exact expectations for the birth we wanted for William. We don’t think we could have gotten any better prenatal care then as we did with you! Any problems we encountered, you were always there to make sure we were taking the correct action that we felt comfortable with. You kept up with our relentless list of questions. We were intrigued by your approach, knowing how much to intervene or not was very refreshing. Thank you for guiding us through this stretch of our journey to get to William. We hope that our paths cross again.
— Carolyn, Henry and William
Thank you for the exceptional care. It’s simply not possible that anyone could have provided better care in any setting. Everything that you did and the way that you did it exceeded our expectations and hopes. Sadly, it is rare to find people who really do what they say, but you have proven to be an exception. We are a bit better for having known you. It almost makes it tempting to have another child just to be able to have such a good experience again. God Bless.
— Rhonda
Thank you so much for your kind and caring support during my pregnancy and labor. Without your wisdom I know I would not have had a successful VBAC. I am so so grateful.
— Hilary
Thank you for being part of Avery’s birth and all you did throughout the pregnancy and birth. AND thank you so much for giving up Christmas day with you family to be here with us.
I am SO happy with the way Avery’s birth went. I think having her at home is the best thing I could have done for her to being her into the world. It was definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done but being in my own home with people who believed in me and the natural process of birth helped me greatly. I can’t imagine going through it another way. I hope I didn’t hurt you squeezing your hand too hard!
— Arwen
I was looking for [midwives] who would let me be a part of the decision making process. This was key for me. I found a great balance in [Rising Moon] because they were knowledgeable yet were willing to explain details to me when I had questions. They made me feel like I was in control of my birth and yet encouraged me to remember that we can’t predict or prevent everything.
I had two issues that arose during the pregnancy. I wanted to know the best and worst possible outcomes. They were honest and gave me solid information. We knew when to worry and when to wait and see. Ultimately, they allowed me to be in charge of what risks I was willing to take and what I would be cautious about. That level of autonomy and respect instilled in me so much respect for them. They were orderly, yet flexible.
They were amazing at knowing just how close by to be... first in the hall while I was alone with my husband, then in the doorway, then at arms length. I never had to ask for anything, they anticipated it before I even knew I needed anything. I was really impressed at their instincts. They won over my very skeptical mom and my apprehensive husband. Anyone who wants a natural, relaxed birth should consider the RM midwives - they helped make our homebirth wonderful. They handled all of the unexpected things with grace and calm - they were truly unflustered which allowed us to be peaceful and content. It was a great experience.
— Heidi
We wanted to thank you for everything you did on the day Sophia was born. Not only were you professional and prepared, but also kind and supportive. We were glad to know that you were nearby and available for when we needed you. Everything was just perfect.
— Rachel
It was so nice to finally meet you in person and work alongside you. I truly look forward to doing it again.
— Dana (Doula)
I’m so excited to be working with you! I appreciate all you’ve done so far to help make this decision an easy one.
— Julie
Thanks for being a perfect fit for us. You are a truly noble midwife.
— Nicole
Kate, Merle, and the Rising Moon staff are phenomenal women and I am blessed and honored to be working with them in preparation for my upcoming homebirth. I met Kate while I was researching homebirth midwives in the Delaware area in anticipation of conceiving our first child. From our first conversation, Kate radiated a positive spirit and passion for natural birth and I knew that she was very special. I immediately decided that I wanted to work with Rising Moon Midwifery if and when I was blessed to be able to conceive and have a homebirth. From the beginning, Kate has been very supportive, encouraging, informative, sisterly, caring, and she has skillfully guided me in every step of the way from preconception, pregnancy, and now our imminent childbirth. My husband and I are very fortunate to have found Rising Moon and we are thankful and excited to be part of their family. I can’t say enough positive things about them! I am looking forward to my homebirth with joyful anticipation and I am totally prepared as I am armed with knowledge, confidence, and love provided by the Rising Moon midwives.
— Tonjia
I wanted to thank you for another wonderful birth experience. I feel so lucky to have found you and birthed with Rising Moon twice now. Your knowledge and expertise is such a gift to those looking for a home birth. The practice you have founded has allowed me to have the births of my dreams.
— Alina
I wanted to take the time to thank you for seeing me through my pregnancy and birth. When we realized that I was not able to birth at home you could have just referred me to a doctor but you didn’t. You supported me through every step and for that I am so grateful. I’m not sure how I would have made it through this whole experience without your guidance and assurance. Thanks a million times.
— Cherice
We wanted to say thank you for the wonderful prenatal, labor and postnatal care you gave myself and my baby. Thank you for making our dream of a peaceful homebirth (and water birth) come true! We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for all of the personal time and energy throughout our experience. You are gifted and talented, we appreciate you being a midwife. It’s a very difficult job and we’re happy you persevere.
— Beth
Thank you so much for delivering Henry. He is so perfect and we couldn’t imagine a better birthing situation. Thank you for making that possible for us.
— Karah
Thank you for helping us achieve the birth of our dreams. It truly was a magical one and we couldn’t have done it without you. Your wisdom and your trust in my body was a really wonderful feeling.
— Alex
We are so thankful to have met you and become part of Rising Moon community. You’re a special person with a love for life that goes beyond most. We know you already have two children of your own, but we will always feel like Zoey is another one of your babies as you had such a huge part in bringing her into this world. We are so incredibly grateful to have found you. Your compassion and dedication to us as a family means more to us than you may ever know. We are so lucky to have had you as our midwife and now feel we can call you friend. As a midwife you touch this world with each baby you help bring into it and your kindness and love show in everything you do.
— Jess
Thank you so much for being there for my son and I in our time of need. Your gifts and talents have been pivotal in the excellent health and healing we’ve had.
— Angela