Why "Rising Moon"?

We chose the name Rising Moon because of the strong ties the moon has with women, fertility, conception and birthing throughout the ages. The rising moon each night resembles the belly of a pregnant mom as it takes shape and ripens to fullness in preparation of birth. The rising moon also changes each night, and represents, for us, the transformation that takes place in all of us as we journey forward, waning and waxing, moving through life.

For thousands of years, the moon has been associated with the feminine principle. Ancient cultures connected women's monthly cycles to the moon, and even created goddesses in honor of the moon. The fact that the moon goes through phases each month has long been seen as symbolic of the phases a woman goes through each month in preparation of her cycle or "moontime". On a larger scale these phases have often been likened to the stages a woman also travels throughout her life, such as maiden, mother, and wise woman. Many people still identify the time and energy between the waxing moon (represented by the maiden icon), and the full moon (represented by the mother icon), as a time for growth, development and strengthening towards a creative end. With the passing of each moon a pregnant mother and unborn child go through a myriad of changes in growth, development and strengthening on all levels that will lead them to the culmination of their journey: the rising moon equaling birth and motherhood. Equaling, in essence, a new life.

Here at Rising Moon our goal is to support a woman physically, emotionally and mentally during her transformational journey toward motherhood.

Ten lunar months to a new life, a new beginning, your rising moon.