Please attend a series of La Leche League meetings before the birth of your baby. LLL is considered the foremost authority on breastfeeding and is an international non-profit organization. Meetings are free and require no registration. Here you will meet other mothers whom have breastfeed, make new friends and learn the most up to date information on breastfeeding. They have lending libraries full of books on breastfeeding, birth and baby care. LLL leaders are volunteers that have been accredited by LLLI and have nursed their own children for at least one year. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least six months of exclusive breastfeeding, minimum of one year with complimentary foods and as long thereafter as mutually desired. The World Health Organization suggests at least two years of breastfeeding.
  847-519 9585
  610-666-0359 (Helpline)
  610-658-2638 (Emily)
  610-789-7554 (Lisa)
Berks County
  215-850-6287 (Dawn)
Chester County
  610-321-0645 (Naomi)
  610-363-6206 (Judy)
  610-384-5791 (Kerri)
  610-299-1038 (Dana)
  610-321-0319 (Kristina)
Chester County – Southern
  610-869-4845 (Nancy)
Delaware County
  610-544-2647 (Karin)
  610-328-3475 (Connie)
  215-616-4473 (Susanne)
Montgomery County – Central
  215-412-4162 (Eliza)
  215-513-0512 (Jeannie)
  610-287-2794 (Karen)
Montgomery County – East
  215-886-1693 (Maryann)
  215-822-3964 (Andi)
Philadelphia Area
  215-222-6332 (Marlene)
  856-727-5042 (Lisa)
  215-735-9732 (Kate)
  215-629-5873 (Joanne)
Yardley- Newtown
  215-295-2757 (Katie)
  215-295-0784 (Kami)

Lactation Consultants/Breast Pumps

International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC) are specialists that have passed an exam demonstrating in depth knowledge of breastfeeding. They should be contacted if you feel breastfeeding is not going well, your baby is not gaining weight, not latching correctly or any other in depth issue that would require a visit. Most IBCLCs have office visits and may also do home visits. Fees vary, but are nominal when compared to the costs involved in bottle feeding a baby. Breastfeeding has too many emotional, environmental and health benefits to mention - so anything necessary to get it going well is worth the time and effort.

  215-633-0262 (Ellen)
Delaware County
  610-543-5995 (Kay)
Elkins Park
  215-635-6477 (Nikki)
  215-517-8368 (Colette)
  215-997-6941 (Ursula)
  610-524-MOMS (Beth)
  610-644-1379 (Robin)
New Jersey
  856-325-3829 (Elizabeth)
  610-322-4932 (Rosalie)
West Chester
  610-299-1038 (Dana)
Breastfeeding Resource Center (Glenside)
  215-886-2433 (Debbie)